TopliftStaja Agricultural Container Carriers

TopliftStaja is a brand that has arisen from the cooperation between A.S. Pol BV/Toplift from Bruntinge and the Staja Machine Construction Company from Hengelo (Gld. , NL). TopliftStaja markets a complete line of transport carriers.

The carriers have got a loading capacity of 12-30 tons. This line distinguishes itself by a very solid construction and a complete finish.
The larger types are even standardly equiped with a radiographic operating system and hydraulic axle and pole springs, which makes them very suitable for the use over longer distances.

A carrier of TopliftStaja is a multi-purpose means of transport with which various goods can be transported. By applying an open-top container with a back-door, sand, rubble and asphalt may be loaded and unloaded. Beside all this, fully loaded vacuum (manure) and water tanks can be taken up.

It's very easy to operate and a standard agricultural tractor is used to move it.

TopliftStaja is a completely Dutch product and it is constructed in Zevenaar with exclusively first-rate components. The container hook that is fitted, is made by Hyva. TopliftStaja is priced very competitively.

For more information about TopliftStaja please visit the website of Topliftstaja